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Business Model Mechanics

Filling a business model canvas with post-its is not sufficient if you truly want to make a difference for your customer and consequentially to your bottom line.

Like a physician knows the human body, the organs and the biological-chemical and even neuro-and psychological processes, a first-class cross-disciplinary product team need a shared understanding of the key components and sub-components of the envisaged business model.


The team needs to understand what makes up the very core of the future business model in terms of competences, capabilities and assets. 

In particular it needs a detailed understanding of the components and their mutual dependancies, interplay, reinforcement.

It nees to understand how to get the engine started, nurtured, scaled, defended. How to integrate partners and a build a platform for partners.

We call this Business Model Mechanics.

Platforms, Data and Data based Analytics & Machine Learning are the lifeblood of future business models, but it's hard to get your head around it. Both in regards of the opportunity to your product & business and with respect to the coherent implementation across your organization.

We show how to make it an integral part of your business model and digital transformation strategy. 
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