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Energy Management

The successful mastery of the Energy Transition ("Energiewende") commands from all stakeholders a continued, strong build-up of distributed, interconnected and smartly controlled resources.

In the last couple of years, flexibility management has mostly focused on larger-scale producers and consumers.
With the cross-european roll-out of smart meters energy transparency and in particular smart control is now strongly coming into residential households - creating significant opportunities for new services as well as certain challenges that need to be actively addressed.

Key Trends & Challenges
  • Substantial metering infrastructure investment but significant challenges to create a compelling customer story/value add
  • X-Domain Optimization and Value Added Services (VAS) are limited by the lack of x-domain and x-vendor interoperability on interfaces, protocols and data
  • E-Mobility accelerates the electrification of the energy sector. Expected mid-term bottlenecks in local distribution create necessity of residential energy management in combination with dynamic tariffs
  • We see a takeup of an 2-sided optimization model:

    On one side the energy pro-/consumer with optimization needs towards comfort, cost, sustainability and personal flexibility in context of his own & specific infrastructure setting
  • On the other side the smart grid with an increasing need for flexibility commanded by proper incentivation for the use of distributed resources.
  • Pro-/consumers with a significant investment into their sustainable resources seek help in professional management of those assets in terms of operations, maintenance but also ROI.
  • Disruption of HVAC: The Near-Zero-Energy standard of the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) in 2020 in conjunction with PV&Battery will make smart direct electrical heating the economically most viable solution. 
Area Competence

Our core expertise is cross-domain (Solar generation, Storage, HVAC, E-Mobility, Grid) and cross-media (Power, Heat, Gas, Water) Energy Management and related HW, SW, IoT and Analytics.

Key focus is the smart sensoring & (sub)metering for the contextual and predictive control of generation, consumption and storage in order to optimize the system at customers choice towards a balance between comfort, cost and sustainability.


In order to create real value for customers, innovative service providers need to go beyond energy transparency/billing and deliver optimized solutions for the specific challenges of segmented(!) customers in their specific infrastructure settings.
The ambition is to excel in the solution delivered to and the value perceived by the customer to earn the trust for a closer relationship where the customer shares a greater portion of his preferences and starts enjoying automation and deligation of control (proxy relationship). 


Starting from Energy Transparency there's a logical evolution into Energy- and Asset Management. Smart Meter Infrastructure is a great platform asset to start.


The principle must be a strong leverage of the Smart Meter infrastructure complemented by a versatile platform to enable targetted and horizontally better integrated energy solutions.

Solution Blueprint
  • Segmentation & Customer Focus - optimized solutions for the specific challenges of segmented customers in their specific infrastructure settings
  • Platform of TRUST - only with trust customers will share data and consider delegation of control
  • Interoperability based on industry standards
  • Compatibility - to legacy systems and smart meter scenarios (mME/iMSys)
  • Synergy through VERSATILITY – one platform for many customer scenarios
  • Cross-Domain Data Aggregation & ANALYTICS
  • Cost Efficiency & Operational Quality
  • High SECURITY Standards in system design and operations
  • Compliance (GDPR, BSI etc.)
How we can help ...

We support you on this innovation path by 

  • VAS strategy in Energy- and Asset Management
  • Solution Concepting
  • System Engineering & Development
  • Solution Operation

What you can expect from us:

  • A strong user- & business value orientation
  • Holistic Approach: Business Model - Platform Model - Data Strategy
  • Solid E2E System (Architecture) Design & Engineering 
  • A platform roadmap from Energy Management to Asset Management
  • From Customer Engagement to Customer Lifetime Value
  • A strong network of specialists
  • A running start from Prototyping/ Proof of Concept to
  • Commercial-grade solutions