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Excellence in 3 Core Qualifications

Successful Product & Business Innovation Projects combine 3 Core Qualifications in their teams: Explorers, Analysts as well as Implementation Experts.
We aim at excellence for our clients by continuously improving our competences & skills with our partners along those dimensions.

  • Creativity & Exploration - Whiteboards filled with post-its are no sign of novelty. Instead, what you really want are
    - new insights and ideas with high value potential
    - deep understanding in relevant market/ customer/ technology dimensions
    - new perspectives and (re-)combinations into new solutions
    In our experience, it requires a mixture of great people, competences, inspiration and x-disciplinary collaboration but also certain guidance, structure, discipline etc. to accomplish this.

    Curious how we do it? Try it now!

  • Analysis - Synthesis - Strategy - Creativity needs to be paired with strategic analysis and validation of solution hypotheses (prototypes).
    The best ideas will fall apart if not embedded in a good business model/case and a solid strategy how to pursue the opportunity. We strongly believe in agile - BUT you need a plan!

  • Implementation Craftmenship & Reuse - Disciplinary proficiency, deep know-how and knowledge of the state-of-the-art make a huge difference to your project, in terms of quality, budget and time-to-market.
    For developers, the world has become a world of LEGO. There are myriads of tailor-made components ready to be used.
    Our recommendation: sharpen your tool-chain. Leverage best-practice components and focus your energy where you can truly make a difference...