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How we work towards great products
We'd like to share what we think are essential 'pillars' in designing and delivering great products and successful businesses. Experienced practioners will easily see resemblance with their own successful work patterns, but in our experience those are not always shared across the entire team - nor consistently applied.
Bringing it all together: Our DNA
  • Industry Knowledge: Internet of Energy (IoT-E) is our focus & passion. We are experts of the rapidly transforming (downstream) energy market and innovative domain (PV, Battery, E-Mobility, Heating, (Sub)Metering) and cross-domain energy solutions. We focus on the design & development of E2E residential, building and district Energy Management solutions based on state-of-the-art IoT Platforms. We believe in the feasibility of the "Energiewende" by "Sector-Coupling", growth of sustainable generation, and the combination of smart grids and smart-energy homes/cities.
  • Product Ideation & Concepting: We support you to apply Design Thinking & Sprinting in your entire organization as fully operationalized practice. Together with your internal and external domain experts, we'd like to push harder and further to fully explore the opportunity space of your business. Let's then keep the momentum and successfully bridge from design thinking (workshops) and prototypes into commercially viable development. This includes Agility but also Quality Assurance (QA), Platform Thinking and management as integral part of your Portfolio Milestone Decision Making process.

  • Platform & Data Strategy: Platforms and Data are the lifeblood of future businesses, but it's hard to get your head around it. Both in regards of the opportunity to your product & business and with respect to the coherent implementation across your organization.
    We help our clients to identify, articulate and implement their Data and IoT platform Strategy to create & capture new value for their business and customers. We help you selecting the right technology and IoT platform for your product/business. We help define product strategy in context of E2E System Architecture, Product Platform and Platform Ecosystems to strengthen customer proposition, fasten time-to-market and lift cost synergies.

  • Network of specialized partners - The world has become complex. At the same time, there is a wide selection of sophisticated ready-to-use tools, code components & libraries to solve particular problems. The world has turned to some extent into LEGO and assembling from mature components makes you faster, better and more cost-efficient i.e. competitive. That is why we prefer to work as a Network of Experts. We'd like to understand what challenge we can address in your business and tailor a team of dedicated experts to solve it.

  • Organization: Our aim is to show good practices and support people who like to take this into their skillset. We are coaching and want to learn from others. We want to inspire the different ends of the organization by tangible prototypes and compelling customer journeys.

    We like to leave something meaningful behind after the end of a project.
    We like to turn development projects into development partnerships.