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X-Disciplinary Learning

The winning product and business model recipee often is the result of many iterations and a continuous learning path of the entire team involved.

In order to innovate, the collective wisdom, proficiency and diversity of the x-disciplinary team is required to identify and shape "the thing" that makes the product and/or business model stand out in the market.


Since user, markets, product concepts, business models, platforms, etc. have become so multi-faceted, a shared knowledge model becomes pivotal to ensure knowledge sharing, effective discussion, collaboration and (re)combination of insights and solution components.

The successful teams will understand the inter-connectedness of the different elements and how they collectively can shape a unique business model.  


We believe post-its on whiteboards are not the right vehicle to support teams getting their head around it.

Rather, we believe in a next generation of digital tools that can greatly help collect, store, vizualize and share underlying data, information, analytical patterns and insights so the team can effectively work on a higher, more productive level.

We are on it. Stay tuned.