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Right Prototype at the right time

On their journey from idea inception until product launch the product team will apply a wide variety of prototyping to rapidly & cost-efficiently validate their hypotheses. Most of those are common good practice.

However, we find a few things especially important to optimally balance speed versus reuse & commercial-grade quality:


We make sure to select exactly the right prototyping tool dependent on the subject for validation eg. user research, user (acceptance) testing, usability testing, technical feasibility check, field tests, etc.

If a building block is likely to exist also in future prototype iterations, we don't waste time with quick-hacks if we can do it in the same time based on commercial grade libraries/ API. This is especially true for IoT and data analytics components.

Ramp-up relentless QA in the early (enough) stage of the project to ensure early-phase prototyping hacks do not creap into the commercial grade product